Middlesbrough Food Action Plan

The Food Action Plan sets out how Middlesbrough can have a more sustainable and secure food future and how collectively we will achieve this and achieve our vision: making Middlesbrough a place where local people can eat good quality, healthy food that is easy to buy, offers value for money and is produced locally wherever possible.

This Middlesbrough Food Action Plan 2020 – 2022 reflects the current climate and local priorities, such as tackling food poverty and the climate emergency. It contains 43 actions across the whole food system, with 22 actions directly related to the climate emergency.

We hope the Food Action Plan will inspire you to support food initiatives, get involved and make changes to choices you make regarding food. Working together, we can bring about the lifestyle changes that are needed to make Middlesbrough more sustainable with healthy and affordable food available for everyone.

We would love to hear about positive changes you and others you know are making. Why not tell us about it here?