Food Map

Welcome to the Middlesbrough Food Map. This is where you can find basic information on most of the projects and schemes that are healthy, sustainable and accessible food related. Unfortunately, we don’t think everything is listed here, and so if you know of a scheme or project that can be listed and on the map, do let us know.

How to use the map: Click on this icon  in the top left of the map. By default, all categories are highlighted: Simply click those which you don’t want to see to filter the map to your liking! You can also zoom in using the + and – signs, as well as your middle mouse button, and click on the pin for what information has been provided to us.


Community Growing Sites

These are growing sites that are run to benefit local communities and are independent from council allotments. There may be opportunities to lend a hand, volunteer and/or get access to a growing plot. Contact the site directly to find out what opportunities there are.

Local Produce Retailers

These retailers use a number of ingredients or products that are locally grown, reared or made from ingredients grown or reared from within 50 miles of Middlesbrough. To find out more about local food, visit Growing Middlesbrough at, and remember, when ordering: Why not ask what products or ingredients are local?

Community Pantries and Eco Shops

Pantries and pop-up shops that provide more affordable food. The pantries / Eco Shops aren’t open all the time, so it is important to check before you go. With some of them, you might have to be a member. Here are links to the different initiatives:

Community Grocery  

Eco Shop

Farmers’ Markets

Generally, stallholders are local independent businesses who grow, rear or produce the food or drink on their stall. For up-to-date information visit:

Northern Dales Farmers Markets

Stewart Park Farmers Market

Patchwork Orchard

Community Patchwork Orchard aims to bring more free, fresh and healthy fruit to the people of Middlesbrough.

Patchwork Orchard


Want to come together with people in your community and cook together? Or is your kitchen too small and you want to make a large batch of something – jam/ chutney/ soup etc? These are kitchen spaces that are generally available to community groups to use. There might be a charge, so contact those who run them and ask.


Fairtrade is about better prices, safe working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

Fairtrade Foundation     

Traidcraft Shop


Helping local people in crisis: You can find out more at

Community Meals

Meals that bring people together for food and conversation. Generally served with warmth and dignity by friendly volunteers in a welcoming environment.

Refill and Breastfeeding Welcome

The Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme aims to champion and improve the support available to mothers to breastfeed their babies outside of the home. For more information, click here

Refill helps people live with less plastic. Tap into a global network of places to reduce, reuse and refill. For best results to find local outlets, download the free app